Current Status 

  •  ✅ Preliminary Community engagement undertaken
  •  Concept plan  for the Lower Chittering Community Space completed
  • Reference Group  member nominations now closed.
  •   ☐ Architect to be appointed - EOI to be released soon.

Project Management Team:  

  • Community Development Officer (Project Manager)


In 2020, the Community Development Team conducted a Community Development Review, and a Sport and Recreation Survey. The results of these consultations showed a need for community connectivity, and recreation facilities, in the Lower Chittering area. 

The current Lower Chittering Hall, located at 23 Chittering Valley Road, is reaching its end of life (2035) and reached the end of its useful life in 2020.  To facilitate the activities of the Lower Chittering community, it needs to either be developed or replaced.

Previously, in preparation for the expiration of the useful life of current Lower Chittering Hall facility, a report was produced by the Shire’s Principal Building Surveyor, through consultation with industry specialists, to ascertain the future development potential of current Lower Chittering Hall to meet the communities growing and changing needs.

 The report states:

  • …to endeavour to develop the site with more venues to be used for larger events would be fraught with problems. The whole site is in an environmentally sensitive area.
  • Kitchen cupboards and flooring are not compliant for a commercial kitchen. Food preparation is limited to tea/coffee and precooked items.
  • Non compliant items include:
    • The internal and external toilet facilities are not accessible.
    • No accessible parking bays.
    • Paths and the thresholds of the entrance doors to the hall are not accessible due to steps.
  • Consequently, further development of the site is not possible, and a replacement facility on an alternative site will be required to meet the community’s needs. 

 As a result, staff held further consultations with the community in 2020/2021 through Council’s Community Advisory Forums, and Master Planning in Lower Chittering.  The result of this is the aspirational plan endorsed by council at the June 2021 OCM.  The plan outlines ideas for the Reserve area behind the fire station, previously identified as the preferred recreational and connectivity space for the Lower Chittering community.