Firebreaks & Bushfire Hazard Reduction

Firebreak & Bushfire Hazard Reduction Notice 2023/24

Each year from 16 October, all landowners in the Shire of Chittering are required to have completed works on their property to ensure that both their firebreaks are compliant and the asset protection zone around all assets of value are fuel reduced. The requirements for each property are outlined in the Firebreak & Bushfire Hazard Reduction Notice sent out each year.

Firebreak Contractors

Current Firebreak Contractors List - Last updated 12 December 2023

We have collated the above list of contractors that will do Firebreak and Bushfire Hazard Reduction works in our area. Please note that the provision of this information by the Shire of Chittering is not a recommendation of the goods or service that you might receive. The list above is the most recent version and is only updated as new contractors request to be added.