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Welcome to our page where we intend to help small businesses establish in the Shire of Chittering. At the moment we are still building this page, but if you are considering starting a small business and would like assistance we recommend you contact us by filling out our Small Business Enquiry Form below.

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Short Term Rental Accommodation

INFORMATION SHEET - Short Term Rental Accommodation

With a growing number of tourist attractions in the Shire such as the Bindoon Mountain Bike Park, wineries, restaurants, and other events and attractions, there is a shortfall of accommodation options which is limiting the duration of visitor stays and money spent in the Shire. Additional accommodation options will assist in the economic development of the Shire.

Short term accommodation in the form of holiday houses, bed and breakfasts, farmstays and chalets, are supported where it can be demonstrated they will not have a negative impact on surrounding residents and the environment, such as from traffic impacts, additional noise, clearing of native vegetation, and increased bushfire risk.

Food Businesses

Food Business Information

A food business is a business or activity that involves the handling of food (intended for sale) or the sale of food.

This also includes:

  • Any food given away for promotional purposes
  • Commercial, charitable or community nature activities
  • Activities occurring once only or regularly
  • Permanent or mobile food businesses
  • Food businesses operating from a home kitchen

Temporary Food Businesses

Temporary Food Business Information & Online Application

It is important that food businesses, community groups and charities that wish to conduct temporary food business stalls at public events set up and operate the event in accordance with sound food hygiene practices.  

All people wishing to conduct a temporary food stall at approved events held in the Shire of Chittering must apply for approval on the attached Application for Temporary Food Business form, along with the accompanying  checklist and provide a copy of their Food Business Registration Certificate issued by their Local Council.

Caravan Parks & Camping Grounds

Caravan Park & Camping Grounds Information

Camping and caravanning are activities enjoyed by many locals and tourists in Western Australia and is becoming increasingly popular in the Shire of Chittering.

It is important to note that all camping and caravan use is regulated by the Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Act 1995, meaning that there is specific legislation which should be adhered to when participating in these activities.

This legislation specifies the requirements for establishing caravan parks and the minimum facilities that must be maintained.

Lodging Houses

Lodging Houses Information

A lodging house is defined under the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911 as "any building or structure, permanent or otherwise, and any part thereof, in which provision is made for lodging or boarding of more than six persons, exclusive of the family or the keeper thereof, for hire or reward”, but does not include:

  • premises licensed under a publican's general license, limited hotel licence, or wayside-house licence, granted under the Liquor Control Act 1988.
  • residential accommodation for students in a non-government school within the meaning of the School Education Act 1999.
  • any building comprising residential flats.

Common types of lodging houses are backpacker hostels and long-term residential accommodation facilities.

Beauty, Remedial & Salon Services

Beauty, Remedial & Salon Services Information

This section refers to where the skin or mucous membrane is cut, torn, punctured, shaved or penetrated in any way as skin penetration procedures and the business must comply with the Health (Skin Penetration Procedure) Regulations 1998. This includes many beauty therapy treatments (such as waxing), tattoos (including cosmetic tattoos), piercings and acupuncture. The business is required to comply with the Code of Practice for Skin Penetration Procedures and ensure all practicable steps are taken to prevent the risk of infections (viral, bacterial or fungal infections).

Selling Honey & Keeping Bees

Bee Keeping Information

Food Business Information

If you wish to keep bees and sell the honey in the Shire of Chittering, you will need to apply for Development Approval and also obtain a couple of different health approvals (including becoming a registered Food Business). Due to the impact that beekeeping can have on the community, particularly to those who are allergic to bees, it’s important that commercial apiaries and domestic hobby beekeepers are closely regulated.

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