More Rates Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays Local Government Rates?

The Shire of Chittering levies rates each year to fund a range of Council services such as maintenance of public parks, buildings, library services, roads, health, planning and building services, Ranger services and support for community groups.

Rates Notices are mailed to ALL property owners in July of every year and are due within 35 days from the date of issue. Please inform the Shire of Chittering in writing if you change your mailing address. This can be done by sending an email to chatter@chittering.wa.gov.au or using our online change of address form

2023 - 2024 Budget Project Highlights

Rates are a contribution each property owner makes towards providing facilities and services in the Shire of Chittering. This brochure provides a snapshot of where rates will be spent in the 2023-2024 rating year. 

How Your Rates are Calculated?

Local Government Authorities in Western Australia levy rates against each property by determining a 'rate in the dollar' which is then multiplied by the Valuation of the property, either the Gross Rental Value (GRV) or Unimproved Value (UV), as determined by the Valuer General's Office.

Rate in the Dollar x Valuation = Yearly fees
(cents in the dollar
set by the Shire)
  (set by the
Valuer General)
  • GRV is the estimated yearly rental value of your property and is provided to Council by the Valuer General (a State Government Office) every five (5) years. A value for vacant residential, commercial or industrial land is calculated at three per cent of the determined resale value.
  • UV is the site value of an unimproved property, also provided to Council by the Valuer General’s office, on an annual basis.

Different rate levels are charged for Gross Rental Value and Unimproved Value properties.

Minimum Rates

A minimum rate is set in recognition that every property / owner / resident benefits from works and services provided by the Shire.

Payment Options

Ratepayers are offered a choice to pay rates in either one or four instalments. To qualify for the instalment option, any arrears, plus the full amount of the first instalment must have been paid by the date of the first instalment as identified on the rate notice.

Please note that payments not received by the first instalment date will attract a late payment interest charge.

Pay in four instalments:

Ratepayers may choose to pay their rates in four instalments. To be eligible for this option you must have paid the first instalment by the due date.

This option includes an administration charge of $30 ($10 each for payments 2, 3 and 4) and instalment interest of 2.5%.

Payments not received by the due date will attract a late payment interest charge of 8% per annum (excluding pensioners and seniors with rebated rates).

Council provides a wide variety of convenient payment methods for its ratepayers.

Payment methods available for payment of rates include:

  1. Pay your rates online (credit cards only).
  2. Payment via BPAY using your savings, cheque or credit account. Please use Biller Code 55038 and your reference number. 
  3. Payment by Direct Debit via BPay (reoccurring BPay). Please refer to your Rates Notice for the BPay payment details.  
  4. Telephone: Credit Card payment (Visa or Mastercard only). Phone BPoint on 1300 276 468.
  5. In-person at the Administration Centre (office hours only).
  6. Payment by Cash, Cheque, Money Order, EFTPOS (No Cash Out), MasterCard and Visa Card.
  7. Mail cheques to: Shire of Chittering, PO Box 70, Bindoon WA 6502

Pay Rates Online

Please DO NOT send cash payments through the mail.

Instalment Payments

If you have opted for the four instalment option the due dates for payment of rates by instalments for the 2023/2024 rating year are:

Instalment Number Due Date
1st Instalment 24 August 2023
2nd Instalment 26 October 2023
3rd Instalment 2 January 2024
4th Instalment 5 March 2024

Interim Rates

Some ratepayers may receive amended rate notices during the year called Interim Rates Notices. These notices are required to be issued if the Valuer General's Office considers that the Gross Rental Value (GRV) or Unimproved Value (UV) of a ratepayers' property has changed.

Any alteration to the property could cause the GRV or UV of your property to be re-assessed by the Valuer General's Office. Typical events which could trigger a revaluation and the need to issue an Interim Rates Notice include:

For GRV and UV Property

  • Creation of a new property (if a lot is created from a subdivision or amalgamation)

For GRV property

  • Improvements or additions to the property (installation of a swimming pool, construction of a garage or carport or the addition of a bedroom)
  • Demolition of a property (this is usually the first step in the redevelopment of a site and only the first in a series of interim rate adjustments)
  • Removal of a swimming pool

When a new or amended valuation is supplied by the Valuer General's Office, a reason for the amendment and effective date of the valuation is also provided. This information will be shown on your Interim Rates Notice.

For further information please contact the Rates Department on (08) 9576 4628 or via chatter@chittering.wa.gov.au.