Delegations form part of the Shire's decision making approach. Delegations entrust certain types of decisions to the CEO, employees or committees. Delegates exercise the delegated decision making function in their own right, in other words they have discretionary decision making powers.

The use of delegated authority means that a large volume of routine work can be effectively managed and acted on promptly, which in turn facilitates efficient service delivery to the community. Delegated authority allows Council to concentrate on policy development, representation, strategic planning and community leadership.

The Shire's delegations register contains all current delegations from Council to the CEO and committees and from the CEO to employees. It sets out unequivocally which statutory power and function are delegated, which part of the legislation allows such delegation and what the conditions and policy compliance requirements are.

The Shire's delegations register is reviewed by Council on an annual basis. This is a requirement of the Act (section 5.46).

Delegations Register