Landfill and Recycling

Do I need a Tip Pass to access the Landfill?

Tip passes to access the Muchea or Bindoon Landfill and Recycling Centres are no longer required

By showing proof of residency, residents can access either site for free to dispose of general household waste, bulk household waste and recyclables ONLY. 

This does not apply to commercial waste. 

There have been changes to the fees and charges for our Landfill sites, with many of the fees removed for bulk household waste, including green waste and fill.  

What can be taken to the Landfill?

The following items are FREE for all residents (proof of residency required)

  • Batteries
  • Clean Fill
  • Drum muster *Bindoon Landfill only
  • Metals (free of debris)
  • Recyclables to be placed in designated areas; 
    • cardboard (Flattened)
    • metals (tin, car bodies, fencing wire etc.)
    • newspapers & magazines
    • Cans, glass bottles etc. 
  • Sort green waste (tree & Shrub pruning's, grass clippings etc.)
  • E-Waste (computers, televisions, printers)
  • Household furniture (1 couch, 1 mattress etc.) *Muchea Landfill only
  • Used oil/filters
  • Unsorted Waste
  • White goods (fridges, freezers, aircons - MUST be degassed or fees apply) *Muchea Landfill only

Fees apply for the following: 

  • Animal carcasses *Muchea Landfill only 
  • Asbestos *Bindoon Landfill by appointment only 
  • Commercial Waste *Muchea Landfill only 
  • Demolition Waste *Muchea Landfill only 
  • Fill with debris 
  • Commercial green waste 
  • Non-residents
  • Skip bins
  • White goods that have not been degassed *Muchea Landfill only


    Please note the following:

    • Commercial and large loads of Demolition Waste are only accepted at the Muchea Landfill.
    •  Asbestos is only accepted at the Bindoon Landfill by appointment only
      • Please call the office on 9576 4600 to make an appointment.
    • Drum Muster is only accepted at the Bindoon Landfill. 
    • Mattress disposal is only accepted at the Muchea Landfill 
    • Waste will not be accepted from outside the Shire of Chittering.
    • Data collection (names, address and registrations) will be being collected for the next 12 months (starting in July 2022) to assist us with ascertaining statistics on usage of our landfill sites.

    Fees & Charges

    The current costs of certain items are contained in our Fees & Charges Schedule here.

    Opening Hours

    Landfill centres are closed on Good Friday and Christmas Day each year

    Muchea Landfill (536 Wandena Road, Lower Chittering)

    • Saturday 10am – 3pm
    • Sunday 10am – 3pm
    • Monday 10am – 3pm
    • Wednesday 10am – 3pm
    • Friday 10am – 3pm

    Bindoon Landfill (Mingah Road, Mooliabeenee)

    • Saturday 10am – 3pm
    • Sunday 10am – 3pm
    • Tuesday 10am – 3pm


    At various times of the year, pending availability, mulch is available for purchase from the Muchea Landfill site. 

    The mulch is wood chips from our greenwaste stockpile that is chipped by a contractor as required. 

    To purchase mulch, please contact the Shire office to arrange a booking. Bookings are essential to ensure a machine is onsite to load your trailer.

    Please call 9576 4600 and speak to a Technical Services Officer to find out the current availability of this service and the cost.

    Containers for Change

    Effective 1 July 2024, Good Sammy Enterprises will be operating the Containers for Change at our Muchea and Bindoon Landfill sites seven days a week.  

    Bag your containers, securely attach a tag with your member number, and drop them into the chute. Good Sammy will count the containers and deposit the money into your bank account, using your member number payment details.

    Good Sammy will also collaborate directly with businesses and organisations that have large quantities of containers, offering a convenient collection service.

    Good Sammy Enterprises, a leading disability employer, is expanding its network of social enterprises by acquiring the Shire of Chittering’s Containers for Change operation. This addition supports the renowned WA organisation's vision to transform workplaces and society through disability employment.

    In addition to the 10¢ refund available to consumers, each container is worth a further 7 cents to the licensed recycler, so users of the service will be supporting the charitable activities of Good Sammy Enterprises while they recycle.

    For more information visit or call 9463 0500 weekdays 8am - 4pm.

    Good Sammy

    Litter and Illegal Dumping

    The Shire encourages residents and visitors to help keep our natural environment clean and litter free.

    Littering is an offence under the Litter Act 1960 and the Shire’s Rangers will issue fines to offenders.

    People caught illegally dumping waste in bush land areas or on road verges will receive a $200 on the spot fine.

    Under the Litter Act they could also face prosecution and incur a fine of up to $1,000.

    We encourage illegal dumping to be reported to us - Fill out this form if you find illegally dumped items.