Planning & Development Approval

Whether development requires Development Approval is dependent on many different factors. This could be the location of the development on the property, the zoning of the property, the type of activity or use, a Local Planning Policy or other reasons. 

Planning Officers at the Shire of Chittering can provide an initial assessment and let you know as to whether an application is required for a proposed development. If you would like to get an initial assessment, you can email and provide a site plan or an overview of what you wish to do. One of our Planners will be in contact to provide you more information on your proposal.

How to Apply for Development Approval

  1. Complete an Application for Development Approval
  2. Use our Checklist to collate the required plans and information needed. This information needs to accompany the Application Form.
  3. Submit the application, plans and other information to
  4. If you are planning any signage or advertising on private land as part of your application you will need to complete this form: Additional Information for Development Approval for Advertisements

Types of Development

Building Envelopes

Building Envelopes are initially determined by Development Plans for estates in the Shire of Chittering.

Moving or varying building envelopes can be helpful if you wish to build a home in a more feasible area whether it be for lower earthworks costs or to achieve a lower Bushfire Attack Level. To apply you will need to obtain Development Approval

Residential - Houses, Sheds and Other Related Structures

Occasionally residential homes will require Development Approval as the property may be in a certain area that may affect visual amenity, environmental protection, high water tables or other environmental aspects.

Another aspect that may impact your need to apply for Development Approval is the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) determined by an independent consultant.

Short Term Rental Accommodation

INFORMATION SHEET - Short Term Rental Accommodation

With a growing number of tourist attractions in the Shire such as the Bindoon Mountain Bike Park, wineries, restaurants, and other events and attractions, there is a shortfall of accommodation options which is limiting the duration of visitor stays and money spent in the Shire. Additional accommodation options will assist in the economic development of the Shire.

Short term accommodation in the form of holiday houses, bed and breakfasts, farmstays and chalets, are supported where it can be demonstrated they will not have a negative impact on surrounding residents and the environment, such as from traffic impacts, additional noise, clearing of native vegetation, and increased bushfire risk.

Home Businesses

Most businesses need to comply with various government regulations to operate in Western Australia.

If you wish to operate a business from a residential address you may need Development Approval.

The various licences, permits, approvals and registrations required are issued by local, state and federal government agencies, and other non-government organisations.

The question many small business starters then ask themselves is "how do I find out which licences my business needs without approaching each agency individually?"

The Small Business Development Corporation has a free online tool you can use to identify which licences your business might need.

Rural Pursuit - Keeping of Stock & Bees

People who wish to keep more animals on their property than what is permissable according to the Shire's Local Planning Policy 24 - Stocking Rates will need to apply for a Rural Pursuit via a Development Approval Application.

Signage or Advertisements

Signage or advertisements on privately owned land within the Shire need to go through planning to ensure that they don't effect sight lines and visual amenity of the area.

Additionally, either of these proposed to go on Great Northern Highway, Brand Highway and Bindoon-Moora Road will be referred to Main Roads Western Australia for their input as these roads are governed by the State Government.

Commercial and Industrial

All commercial and industrial development requires Development Approval from the Shire.