Australian Citizenship

The Shire of Chittering conducts Australian Citizenship Ceremonies on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs.

These ceremonies are the final step for new Australian citizens.

The Shire of Chittering is unable to provide a ceremony date until we receive the Conferral Planning report from the Department of Home Affairs. These reports are sent to the Shire of Chittering as required.  Once the Shire receives these, you will be booked into the next available ceremony.

The information provided below may answer any further questions that you may have.

Do children need to attend citizenship ceremonies?

Children aged 16 years and over are legally required to attend an Australian Citizenship Ceremony. Children under the age of 16 are not legally required to attend the ceremony, however they are welcome to attend.

How can I find out when my citizenship ceremony will be?

The Shire of Chittering is unable to provide a ceremony date until we receive the Conferral Planning report from the Department of Home Affairs. These reports are sent to the Shire of Chittering as and when required. Once the Shire receives these, you will be contacted to discuss arrangements for a ceremony.

How do I apply for Australian citizenship?

The process for applying for Australian citizenship varies depending on your eligibility. There are a number of different application options with different eligibility requirements.

Generally to apply for Australian citizenship you will need to:

  • Determine that you are eligible
  • Gather your original documents
  • Copy and certify your documents
  • Complete and lodge your application

A decision on your application for citizenship will only be made after you have lodged a completed application form together with the required documents and fee.

For further information visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

How long does the citizenship ceremony run for?

The Shire of Chittering's citizenship ceremony runs for approximately half an hour. Refreshments are provided for recipients and their guests at the conclusion of each ceremony.

How many guests can I bring to the ceremony?

The Shire of Chittering allows for four guests per recipient (children are an exception).

I have lost my citizenship certificate, what can I do?

If you have lost your citizenship certificate you will need to contact the Department of Home Affairs on 131 881 to arrange a replacement. The Shire of Chittering cannot issue or replace citizenship certificates.

Is it possible to arrange a ceremony earlier than the standard waiting time (5-6 months)?

In exceptional circumstances a private ceremony may be arranged. A letter addressed to the Office of the Shire President, stating the reason for the urgency is required with all private ceremonies. For all queries regarding early citizenship ceremonies please contact Customer Service on 9576 4600.

What are the fees to apply for Australian Citizenship?

The cost of your application and time taken from lodgement to notification of a decision will vary according to your eligibility and which form you need to use to apply. In some cases you may be able to apply for a concession or exemption.

The fees range from $20 up to $285 AU.

Payment by credit card is preferred for most applications and is essential when applying online and for applications posted to Australia from overseas. Do not use debit cards for any application sent by post.

If you are lodging your application at an Home Affairs office outside Australia, the fee must be paid in the currency and by the method specified for that country.

Printable information on Citizenship fees is available.

Check the fee applicable

What is the number for the Citizenship Information Line?

The Citizenship Information Lines' number is 131 880. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone this number to obtain information about:

  • Application fees and processes
  • Citizenship ceremonies
  • Australian citizenship affirmation ceremonies
  • Dual citizenship

If you have a question about your Australian passport call the Australian Passport Office on 131 232.

What is the waiting time for a ceremony?

The waiting period for a citizenship ceremony once you have received the approval letter from the Department of Home Affairs is between five and six months.

When and where are citizenship ceremonies held?

Citizenship ceremonies are held on a needs basis. When the Shire receives the conferral report from the Department of Home Affairs the Shire will send out correspondence of ceremony.

The citizenship ceremonies are most often held in the Shire's Council Chambers located at 6177 Great Northern Highway in Bindoon.

When will I receive the details confirming my ceremony?

The Shire of Chittering will send you an invitation letter at least three weeks before the ceremony.

Will I receive my certificate at the ceremony?

Provided you have been booked into a ceremony four weeks prior to the ceremony date, you should receive your certificate on the day of the ceremony. The Department of Home Affairs require four weeks notice to order and print your certificate in time for the ceremony date.

Your citizenship certificate will be issued in the name you gave on your application form, which should be your legal name at the time your citizenship was approved.

Your citizenship certificate is an important legal document, which you should look after. You will need it when you apply to get an Australian passport.