Chittering Bush Fire Advisory Committee

Meeting Dates 2023

The following dates were endorsed by Council at their Ordinary Council Meeting on 14 December 2022.

Agenda items must be submitted by Committee members one fortnight in advance of the meeting.

Date Agenda Minutes
Tuesday 14 March Click here to download Click here to download
Tuesday 13 June Click here to download Click here to download
Tuesday 17 October Click here to download  Click here to download 


Our vision is for the Shire of Chittering to have an efficient and responsive fire service as a committee to educate and inform the community of the dangers of fire.


To make recommendations and advise Council on all matters relating to the Bush Fires Act 1954, section 67(1).

To liaise with other emergency organisations and relevant bodies with regard to Fire and Emergency Management within the Shire of Chittering.

The Committee will advise the local government all matters relating to:

  • Preventing, controlling and extinguishing of bush fires
  • The planning of the layout of fire breaks in the district
  • Prosecutions for breaches of the Bush Fires Act 1954
  • The formation of bush fire brigades and the grouping thereof under group brigade officers
  • The ensuring of cooperation and coordination of bush fire brigades in their efforts and activities
  • Any other matter relating to bush fire control whether of the same kind, as, or a different kind from, those specified.


Member Deputy

Cr Carmel Ross

Cr David Dewar

Chief Executive Officer
Melinda Prinsloo


Community Emergency Services Manager &
Chief Bush Fire Control Officer
Dave Carroll 


Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer
Northern Region
Kim Haeusler


Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer
Central Region
Phill Humphry


Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer
Southern Region
David Wilson


Muchea Brigade
Shelly Pannell

Muchea Brigade
James Marotta

Lower Chittering Brigade
Jeremy Tennant

Lower Chittering Brigade
Graham Furlong

Upper Chittering Brigade
Aaron Cover

Upper Chittering Brigade
Will Lee

Bindoon Brigade
Neil Harvey

Bindoon Brigade
Dennis Badcock

Wannamal Brigade 
Clayton Smith

Wannamal Brigade
Daniel Smith

Chittering Incident Support Brigade 
Paul Groves

Chittering Incident Support Brigade
Ian Wright

Meetings shall be open to the public and are not required to have questions from the public as there are no Council delegations.