Bee Keeping


Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development - Registering as a beekeeper

Due to the impact that beekeeping can have on the community, particularly to those who are allergic to bees, it’s important that commercial apiaries and domestic hobby beekeepers are closely regulated.

If you are interested in keeping bees in the Shire of Chittering there are procedures that you need to be aware of in order to get approval.

Approval is required from the Department of Primary Industries, Health and Planning before you can keep bees. We recommend you read the above Information Sheet.

Want to sell your honey once you have approval?

If you wish to process and bottle the honey for sale you will need to be registered as a food business under the provisions of the Food Act 2008.

You can read more about Food Businesses on our website here.

Use of Bee Smoker Devices in Restricted or Prohibited Burning Times

As the Shire of Chittering is a bushfire prone area, certain activities that may cause fire are strictly regulated during Restricted and Prohibited burning times.

Conditions of use are specified in the Bush Fires Act 1954.

If you are unsure, we recommend you speak to a Bush Fire Control Officer for the requirements.