Temporary Food Businesses

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Typically, temporary premises are used to sell food at an occasional event, such as a fete, fair, festival, market or show, usually lasting a matter of hours or days. The food business usually operates from a temporary structure set up for the event, such as a market stall, tent or barbeque stand and it may include parts of structures and land. The structure is usually dismantled after the event.

Temporary food premises can be a permanent structure that is not owned or leased by the community group and from which food is sold or handled for sale on an occasional basis only (e.g. a group using a community hall for an event at which food is sold).

Food vehicles that are permanently equipped to prepare and sell food and which may move from site to site are not considered to be temporary premises.

To operate a mobile food business within the Shire of Chittering, the business will need to apply for a traders permit in accordance with the Shire's Local Law -  Local Government Property and Public Places Local Law 2023 - (see mobile trading for more information)

Stall set up requirements for a Temporary Food Business