Bee Keeping

Bee Keeping - Information Sheet

Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development - Registering as a beekeeper

Due to the impact that beekeeping can have on the community, particularly to those who are allergic to bees, it’s important that commercial apiaries and domestic hobby beekeepers are closely regulated. If you are interested in keeping bees in the Shire of Chittering there are procedures that you need to be aware of in order to get approval. For more information on what this process entails, please see the above 'Bee Keeping - Information Sheet'.

Health Local Law 2017 - Bee Keeping Excerpt 

Division 7—Bee Keeping

6.18 Interpretation

In this division, unless the context otherwise requires—

bee means an insect belonging to any of the various hymenopterous insects of the super family Apoidea and commonly known as bee; and

hive means a moveable or fixed structure, container or object in which a colony of bees is kept.

6.19 Limitation on numbers of hives

(1) A person shall not keep or permit the keeping of bees anywhere within the district unless approval to do so has been given by an Authorised Officer.

(2) Subject to subclauses (3) and (4), a person shall not keep or permit the keeping of bees in more than 2 hives on a lot.

(3) An Authorised Officer may, upon written application, consent, with or without conditions, to a person keeping bees in more than 2 hives on a lot.

(4) A person shall comply with any conditions imposed by an Authorised Officer under subclause (3).

6.20 Restrictions on keeping of bees in hives

A person shall not keep or permit the keeping of bees in a hive on a lot unless, at all times—

(a) an adequate and permanent supply of water is provided on the lot within 10 metres of the hives;

(b) the hive is kept—

(i) outside, and at least 10 metres from, any building other than a fence;

(ii) at least 10 metres from any footpath, street, private street or public place; and

(iii) at least 5 metres from the boundary of the lot; and

(c) the hive is enclosed on all sides by a fence, wall or other enclosure.

6.21 Bees which cause a nuisance not to be kept

(1) A person shall not keep, or permit the keeping of, bees which cause a nuisance.

(2) An Authorised Officer may direct any person to remove any bees or beehives which in the opinion of the Authorised Officer are causing a nuisance.