Muchea Recreation Centre

Architect impression of Muchea Rec Centre

(Photo: Architect impression of new facility) 

Current Status

Feasibility study complete

✅Community engagement undertaken

Concept plan completed

Business case and cost benefit analysis complete

CSRFF Forward Planning Grant approved

Co-contributions confirmed

✅Architect appointed - Site Architecture Studio

Reference Group formed

Detailed design and costings complete

Construction tenders awarded - Geared Construction Pty Ltd. 

Facility Management Plan approved by Council

Project Management Team:  

  • Principal Building Surveyor (Project Manager)
  • Community Development Coordinator (Community Engagement)
  • Site Architecture Studio (Architect)

Community Updates

Media releases

Muchea Recreation Centre

MUCHEA HALL REDEVELOPMENT  - Community Update August 2021
Posted 01 September 2021 MUCHEA HALL REDEVELOPMENT - Community Update August 2021

The Muchea Hall redevelopment project, now referred to as the Muchea Recreation Centre (MRC), has kicked off with the appointed Reference Group members meeting alongside Site Architecture Studio representatives to consider the site placement of the new building.



Major sponsors:


This Muchea Recreation Centre Project has been made possible with funding from the State Government's Small Grants Program Election Commitments program, delivered by the Wheatbelt Development Commission

Other sponsors: