Chittering Long Distance Mountain Bike Trail

The Shire of Chittering has begun construction of a mountain bike park in Bindoon and sees potential in providing visitors with long-distance riding options that connect to the town to encourage longer visitation and overnight stays. Previous to the identification and development of the Bindoon MTB Park project, a potential long-distance mountain bike trail was identified as a high-level priority in the Shire of Chittering Mountain Bike Trails Master Plan (2016). The Shire of Chittering Economic Development Strategy (2021) has also identified the need to explore long-distance trails and the potential connection to the Munda Biddi Trail.

Current Status

☐ A1 Develop a Regional Trails Master Plan (2022/2023 - 2024-2025)

☐ A2 Ensure routes are in regional planning documents (2022/2023 - 2023/2024)

☐ A3 Promote the benefits of the proposed long-distance MTB touring route (2023/2024)

☐ B1 Develop a short-distance MTB touring route (2023/2024 - 2027/2028)

☐ B2 Develop and promote gravel routes (2023/2024)

For project enquiries please contact the Shire of Chittering Economic Development Team or call 95764600