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Interested in joining Chittering Fire Services?

Volunteer Firefighters learn to operate a wide array of equipment, vehicles and appliances used in fire suppression operations. Equipment used includes charged hose lines, portable pumps, tankers and communications. Induction training is available for all new volunteers.

If you're not interested in fighting fires but are interested in operations, join our Incident Support Brigade. This brigade supports the incident management team and crews in operations, welfare, communications, recruitment and administration of an incident.

The Shire of Chittering strongly supports the recruitment of both male and female volunteers representing a wide diversity of ages, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Volunteering is a great way to meet new people that are prepared to share their knowledge on fire behaviour and become more familiar with the surroundings in your area.

For more information, you can view the Frequently Asked Questions below.

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Our Brigades

In the Shire of Chittering we have six brigades, all of which are on a volunteer basis.  Meetings are generally held monthly with an Annual General Meeting held once a year in May. 

Inductions, appropriate training, personal protective equipment and clothing are all provided to new volunteers.

Brigade Location Discipline Social Media
Chittering Incident Support Brigade

Bindoon Station

Edmonds Place, Bindoon

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Wannamal Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade

Wannamal Station

2619 Bindoon-Moora Road, Wannamal

Bindoon Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade

Bindoon Station

Edmonds Place, Bindoon

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Upper Chittering Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade

Upper Chittering Station

6 Ibis Way, Chittering

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Lower Chittering Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade

Lower Chittering Station

865 Muchea East Road, Lower Chittering

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Muchea Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade

Muchea Station

7 Chittering Street, Muchea

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can join?

  • Anyone 16+ years of age is eligible to join subject to a police clearance and being in good health and willing to be involved.

What roles can I do?

  • Operational firefighter - actively engaged in firefighting activities.
  • Operational Support – if you do not wish to participate in operational firefighting activities but can devote some of your time to help with the inner workings of a Brigade.

Are there any fitness/skill requirements?

  • Applicants are asked to complete a medical questionnaire. If any areas which require a medical clearance are identified in the questionnaire you may be asked to obtain a doctors’ clearance.
  • Members are encouraged to maintain a positive healthy level of fitness, but no fitness tests are required.
  • No prior firefighting experience is required. All necessary training will be provided to you.

Can I join if I am FIFO?

  • FIFO’s are welcome to join a Brigade.
  • Training activities may be designed to cater for FIFO availability and will not impede your joining your local Brigade. This can be discussed with the Brigade Captain for the best outcome.

Do you have a roster/shift?

  • Chittering Volunteer Brigades do not have a roster/shift system.
  • Attending incidents is based on your availability at the time.  

Do I have to attend every skills session?

  • No, you are not compelled to attend every skills session.
  • All active members will need to complete an annual refresher sign off process before attending incidents.
  • Members are encouraged to attend as many in-house skills sessions as their time permits. That said, it is recognized that members have other commitments and may not be able to attend all skills sessions.

Do I have to live near a Bush Fire Brigade?

  • It is preferred that you live within the locality of the Brigade you wish to join.
  • In some circumstances it may be permissible to join a Brigade where you may live outside of the locality covered by the Brigade. This can be discussed with the Brigade Captain.

How many hours a week will I have to commit to?

  • There is no commitment to the number of hours you must commit too.
  • Aside from training and a monthly meeting, attendance is primarily during an incident, when you are available.
  • Skills training is used to keep the members' level of skills at a position to keep themselves and others safe.

What will training involve?

  • You will initially receive basic training offered by DFES and then complete a probation period with your Brigade that enables you to attend incidents safely. These courses are typically offered in your local Shire, but you may opt to attend a course outside of your shire if the timing suits your commitments better.
  • Once you have completed your basic training aside from specialty courses that are available to you, your local Brigade also conducts regular in-house skills sessions which are available to you.

Will all the personal protective equipment I need be provided?

  • Yes, all personal protective equipment is provided.

How long will the process take before I can turn out to incident?

  • This depends on when the next DFES introductory course is run. These are run primarily during the cooler months. This process will vary depending on course timing and the recruit availability to complete probation.
  • Until you have completed your DFES introductory course you can still attend in-house skills which the Brigade runs on a regular basis. This way you can gain some basic skills and get to meet other members of your Brigade.
  • All recruits are required to complete a probationary period before they are eligible to turn out.

When should I join a Brigade?

  • Ideally, we encourage people to join towards the end of fire season so that they can attend training and be ready for the next fire season
  • That said, there is no bad time to join a brigade. It may just take a little longer to get you through your DFES basic training which is typically held in the cooler months.
  • If you have any questions, discuss these with your Brigade Captain

How do I apply to volunteer?

  • Simply email
  • Fill out an expression of interest as above by clicking here
  • A member from your local Brigade will contact you and guide you through the application process

Do I need a police clearance?

  • The cost of a police clearance will be reimbursed by the Shire of Chittering.
  • Police clearances are confidential and will only be seen by your Brigade Captain, Deputy Chief or Chief.
  • If you have had any minor infringements, you may still be eligible to join. You can discuss these with the Captain on your application.