Crossover Specifications & Application Form

A "crossover" is the section of the drive into a property that replaces the verge and footpath, or will ultimately form part of any future footpath.

The purpose of the vehicle specification is to ensure that vehicle crossings are constructed and maintained to a safe and efficient standard in accordance with the requirements of the Shire of Chittering.

Under the provisions of Schedule 9.1, Clause 7 of the Local Government Act 1995 and Regulation 12, 13 and 15 of the Local Government (Uniform Local Provisions) Regulations 1996, all landowners within the Shire of Chittering must make application to Council to construct a vehicle crossover.

All crossovers must be constructed to the satisfaction of the Shire’s Executive Manager Technical Services or his/her nominated representative.

A standard crossing

Council has resolved that a standard crossing has the following minimum features:

  • a minimum width at the property boundary of 4.0 metres for residential and rural crossovers and 8.0 metres for commercial / industrial crossovers
  • a maximum width at the property boundary of 6.0 metres for residential and rural crossovers and 10.0 metres for commercial / industrial crossovers (this requires approval)
  • 1.5 metre wide tapers or wings at the kerb line
  • where constructed in concrete, the crossover shall be coloured to match the internal driveway (i.e. if the driveway is paved or coloured concrete, the crossover must be coloured to match. If the driveway is grey concrete then there is no requirement to colour the crossover);
  • a choice of concrete or brick paved crossing is available for residential properties
  • a choice of concrete, brick paved, or asphalt crossing is available for rural properties, and
  • a choice of asphalt, concrete or brick paved crossing is available for commercial and industrial properties. Bitumen sealed crossings are discouraged

How to apply for a crossover

If it is the first vehicle crossing constructed to the premises, the Shire of Chittering may contribute towards the actual construction cost of a residential crossover. The contribution is determined at the time of the inspection and is calculated on a standard 4.0 metres wide crossover. Currently, only crossovers constructed to residential properties are eligible for a Council contribution; crossovers as part of subdivisional planning conditions are not eligible for the rebate (refer to the Shire's Crossovers Subsidy Policy).

The Crossover Subsidy Policy is available to download below.

Policy 7.2 Crossovers Subsidy

To claim the contribution, complete the enclosed Application for Subsidy form, attach all receipts for the labour and materials and lodge it with the Shire after completion of the crossover.

Application for a contribution must be made in writing and submitted within three (3) months of the date that the crossing was constructed.

Upon receipt of the application, a site inspection will be undertaken by an officer from the Executive Manager Technical Services to verify that the crossing has been constructed in accordance with the specification. Should the constructed crossover comply with all of the Shire’s requirements, then the subsidy payment will be forwarded to the property owner by mail.

A fee of $176.00 including GST applies to all privately constructed crossings requiring more than one site inspection, which will be deducted from the Shire’s contribution towards the crossing. This fee is reviewed annually and identified in the Shire’s annual fees and charges.

Crossings constructed through a private contractor must include and undertake the set-out and levels, kerb removal, disposal and reinstatement, pathway removal and disposal, pathway reinstatement, verge reinstatement, and any other associated works.

Application process

When a new dwelling is being constructed, the owner or the builder on behalf of the owner of the property (the Applicant) is required to complete the “Application for Subsidy or Construction of a Crossing” form and forward it to:

Shire of Chittering
Technical Services Department
PO Box 70

On receipt of the application, the Technical Services Department will review applications for approval. 

If the Shire's subsidy is only to be claimed, then on receipt of the Application the crossing will be inspected and the subsidy application processed. This process will normally take a minimum of six working weeks.

Queries on all matters related to crossovers, including requests for information, application forms for subsidies, quotations, notification for inspections and as otherwise described in this document should be directed to the Shire’s Customer Service department on (08) 9576 4600.