Flying Drones and Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems near RAAF Base Pearce and Gingin

Published on Wednesday, 28 February 2018 at 12:15:00 PM

With the surge in the use of both commercial and recreational Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) there is an increase in the risk of an aviation incident to both military and civilian aircraft.

RAAF Base Pearce would like to remind operators of the requirements for operating any RPAS in the vicinity of Military restricted airspace or within the vicinity of RAAF Pearce or RAAF Gingin Airfields.

RPAS cannot be operated within 5.5km (3NM) of controlled aerodromes, or within 5NM (9.3km) of a Military aerodrome without permission of the operator of the aerodrome (because of Military low flying operations).

RPAS must not be flown higher than 120m (400ft) above the ground (without prior permission of CASA) and cannot be flown in active military airspace at any height with prior coordination with Defence.

RAAF Pearce airspace that commences at surface level is R155 and R153 series (A, B, C and D) and when activated covers an extensive area north of Perth; as shown on the map.

Due to the possibility of Military low flying aircraft, regardless of weight and size of the RPAS, it must not be flown in Military airspace without prior coordination and permission.

You can check the location of military airspace on-line at; or via the smart phone application, ‘Can I Fly There?’, or through the purchase of a Perth VNC chart, available through

RAAF Pearce and Gingin are flying training bases and will normally have airspace active 0800-1700 Mon-Thu and 0800-1500 Fridays. RAAF Pearce does at times activate smaller portions of the airspace on weekends and public holidays and will operate aircraft under Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (uncontrolled airspace) procedures. Pearce airspace is activated by a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) which can be viewed at Air Services Australia Pilot briefing services National Aeronautical Information Processing System (NAIPS) available on the Air Services Australia web site.

If you want advice on flying RPAS in RAAF Pearce airspace (which includes RAAF Pearce and RAAF Gingin Airfields) or to determine when RAAF Pearce airspace is active then contact RAAF Pearce Base Aviation Safety Officer on 08 9571 7120 (e-mail or RAAF Pearce Air Operations Coordination Desk on 08 9571 7004 (e-mail

Further information and regulations on the flying of drones in Australia can be found on the Civil Aviation Safety Authority web page: CASA: Flying drones in Australia.


RAAF Base Pearce Military Restricted Air Space

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