Chittering's Economic Development Strategy 2021-2031

Published on Tuesday, 24 August 2021 at 10:58:44 AM

The Shire's Economic Development Strategy 2021-2031 has been endorsed by Council in the August Ordinary Council Meeting. 

Shire of Chittering officers have been consulting an ever-increasing number of plans in preparing economic development actions over the last several years, including the 2014 Economic Development Strategy. Others include;

  • Chittering Trails Network Master Plan
  • Chittering Mountain Bike Strategy
  • COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan
  • Northern Growth Alliance Tourism Strategy

This document consolidates these strategies, and other internal and external plans into one accessible document that can be used as a holistic plan to refer to for ongoing activities.

Not only was significant consultation undertaken in the preparation of the above strategies that feed into this plan, but further consultation was carried out with local businesses and stakeholders to ensure fit with contemporary needs.

It addresses the three main economic objectives outlined in the Strategic Community Plan (Economic Growth, Local Business Growth and Increased Visitors). Furthermore, it includes a sub-strategy on tourism development in the Shire, and expanded detail on major project delivery and trails network development plans.

The Strategy highlights the perceived challenges ahead for economic growth in Chittering, whilst providing strategic direction to address them and capitalise on opportunities. This is distilled down into a trackable, achievable implementation plan for the short to medium term.

A review of this strategy and Chittering's economy will be undertaken every two years at a minimum. The review will focus on the activities of the previous period and acknowledge outcomes and challenges as a result of them. It will also acknowledge economic factors outside of the control of the Shire, and attempt to make an evaluation on their impact on both the activities undertaken, and the local economy.

Chittering Economic Development Strategy 2021-2031

(Click the image or this link to view the strategy)

Consultation was undertaken with/through;
• Chittering businesses
• Chittering Chamber of Commerce
• Chittering Tourism Advisory Group
• Shire of Chittering
• RDA Wheatbelt
• Wheatbelt Development Commission
• Destination Perth
• Tourism WA
• Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (Parks and Wildlife)
• Department of Sport and Recreation

The document was produced and will be administered by the Shire's Economic Development team. If you have any queries or comments about this plan please contact Euan Martin, Economic Development Coordinator at, or call (08) 9576 4634

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