September Ordinary Meeting of Council

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - 07:00 PM

The following items are listed for Council's consideration

Corporate Services

CS01-09/20         List of Accounts Paid for the Period Ending 31 August 2020
CS02-09/20         Monthly Financial Reports for the Period Ending 31 August 2020
CS03-09/20         Change to method of valuation used for rating purposes:  Lot 12, Plan P417826 – (RN2) Mercury Rise, Muchea
CS04-09/20         Revoke Council Resolution 241119

Chief Executive Officer

CEO01-09/20     Blackboy Ridge Name Consultation
CEO03-09/20     Register of Policies: Amendments
CEO04-09/20     Disposal of Property:  Part of Lot 1 (RN 6180) Great Northern Highway, Bindoon
CEO05-09/20     Engaging Consultants
CEO06-09/20     Tourism Advisory Group Establishment
CEO07-09/20     Update to membership of the Chittering Mining Advisory Group
CEO08-09/20     Disposal of Property:  Lot 171 (RN 29) Binda Place, Bindoon
CEO09-09/20     Long Term Financial Plan Update

New business of an urgent nature

NB01-09/20       NBN and Telstra Abatement