November Ordinary Council Meeting

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - 07:00 PM

The following items are listed for Council's consideration:

Development Services

DS01-11/20  Request for Modified Extractive Industry Rehabilitation Bond:  Lot 7 (RN 75) Toy Road, Bindoon
DS02-11/20  Application for Rural Pursuit (Beekeeping):  Lot 119 (RN 110) Morley Road, Lower Chittering
DS03-11/20  Revocation of Local Planning Policies
DS04-11/20  Mining in the Shire of Chittering district area
DS05-11/20  Proposed Local Planning Policy – Extractive Industries

Corporate Services

CS01-11/20  List of Accounts Paid for the Period Ending 31 October 2020
CS02-11/20  Monthly Financial Reports for the Period Ending 31 October 2020
CS03-11/20  Amendment to Schedule of Fees and Charges 2020/2021

Chief Executive Officer

CEO01-11/20  Appointments of Delegates to Committees, Advisory Groups and External Organisations
CEO02-11/20  Register of Policies:  Amendments
CEO03-11/20  Scheduling of the Ordinary Meetings of Council for 2021
CEO04-11/20  Chittering Mining Advisory Group
CEO05-11/20  Wear Ya Wellies EOI Outcome
CEO06-11/20  Community Assistance Grants and Sponsorship Funding – Round 2, 2020
CEO07-11/20  Joint Venture Housing Arrangements
CEO08-11/20  Bindoon Townsite Master Plan
CEO09-11/20  Land for Aged and Disability Accommodation
CEO10-11/20  Rental on Commercial Buildings
CEO11-10/20  Commuter use of Ranger Vehicle

Reports from Committees

COM01-11/20  Chittering Bush Fire Advisory Committee:  Scheduling of 2021 Meeting Dates
COM02-11/20  Chittering Bush Fire Advisory Committee:  Fire Danger Rating Sign

Confidential Items

CON01-11/20  EOI Proposal:  Lot 91 (RN 6138) Great Northern Highway, Bindoon (“Ferguson House”)
CON02-11/20  Education Scholarship 2021
CON03-11/20  Community Citizen of the Year Awards 2021