Proposed NBN Fixed Wireless Facility - Lot 191 (RN 51) Hereford Way, Lower Chittering (Closed)

The Shire is in receipt of an Application for Development Approval for the construction of telecommunications infrastructure. The applicant is proposing to utilise a portion of the property for the purposes of a NBN Fixed Wireless Facility.

 The proposed facility will provide NBN Fixed Wireless coverage to premises in Lower Chittering and establish a link between the NBN Bullsbrook West facility in order to provide NBN fixed wireless coverage to the wider area.  This application has been resubmitted following the expiry of 19 April 2019 for the same application approved by Council at its Ordinary Meeting of 19 April 2017.  The application is being assessed as a new application. 

NBN Propose to install a new fixed wireless facility at Lower Chittering comprised of the following:

  • 45m monopole tower
  • 6 x panel antennas at 45m level
  • 1 x lens antenna at the 42m level
  • 1 x 900mm parabolic dish antenna at the 42.5m level
  • 1 x equipment shelter
  • 17 x remote radio units (RRUs)
  • 2.4m high chain-link security compound fencing
  • Ancillary equipment associated with operation of the facility

Contact Details

Name: Paul Compe

Phone: (08) 9576 4600