Unrestricted Burning Time Commencing 10AM, Tuesday 4 June 2024

Published on Tuesday, 4 June 2024 at 8:49:59 AM

The Shire of Chittering winter unrestricted burning time commences at 10:00AM on Tuesday 4 June 2024.

Burn SMART this winter - see this guide to help you burn safely and effectively this season

A Permit to Burn on your property is not required from 10:00AM Tuesday 4 June 2024.

👉 Register your burn on Emergency WA by calling 9395 9209.
👉 Burning household rubbish or wet/green garden refuse and causing nuisance smoke is illegal under our Health Local Law.
👉 Don't burn when the Fire Danger Rating is HIGH.
👉 Always plan your burn and perform burning safely.

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