Technical Services November 2022 Update - Buildings Program

Published on Monday, 28 November 2022 at 12:46:02 PM

The Shire of Chittering’s Technical Services Department have been extremely busy recently, completing a range of projects across the Buildings Program.


Completed Projects

1) The Chittering Community Health Centre Building has had its security system upgraded.

2) A new pressure pump has been installed at Muchea Hall.

3) A key combination lock box and a postal lock box have been installed at Ferguson House

4) A key lock box has been installed at 2/11 Edmonds place

5) The Shire has completed a range of works at the Wannamal Tennis Courts, including: cutting down a tree, painting internally and externally of the Wannamal Hall, and installing a stormwater tank.

6) The internal painting at Bindoon Hall has been completed.

7) The window at the end wall of the mail room, in the Bindoon Post Office, has been replaced.

8) The air conditioners have been replaced in the Administration Building.


Projects Underway

1) The Shire of Chittering are repairing a fire water tank on Corella Road.

2) Plumbing works are underway at Unit 4/6194 Great Northern Highway.

3) The Shire of Chittering are completing a range of works at the Brockman Centre Precinct, including: museum floor coverings, internal and external painting, and Road Board veranda painting.

4) The ceiling repairs and internal painting are about to commence at the Tourist Bureau.

5) The gutters at 21 Binda Place are scheduled to be cleaned by December by the end of next week.

6) The handrail for the steps leading to the Donga at the Brockman Centre is programmed to be completed by the end of December 2022.

7) The painting inside the Bindoon Post Office is programmed to be completed in January, 2023.

8) The plumbing works for a Shire static water supply tank, on Corella Road, are programmed to be completed by January, 2023.

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