Technical Services - Customer Service Works Request Update

Published on Tuesday, 13 December 2022 at 1:25:51 PM

The Shire of Chittering's Technical Services Department have been busy working on a host of works requests as updated in the Sheet.

ICS2210202 VERGE MAINTENANCE Trees on the verge to be trimmed. IHC Santa Gertrudis Road 15.09.2022 Scheduled Dec/Jan 22/23
ICS2210345 FIREBREAKS - SHIRE PROPERTIES Remove trees including overhanging saplings dead and damaged branches along existing track to 4 metres wide and 4 metres high (grab a length of electrical conduit it's a good measuring stick) track marked on the map in orange. October would be a good time to do it before it gets too hot and firebreaks will need to be trafficable by November. Bindoon Mountain Bike Park 04.10.2022 Programmed for 15th Dec 2022
ICS2210498 VERGE MAINTENANCE Please tidy up all medians and roundabouts and put in some plants. Lower Chittering  21.10.2022 Programmed for April/May 2023 during winter rains 
ICS2210519 VERGE MAINTENANCE Request for verge maintenance to be done - Granary Road - lead up to Muchea from Eastern side. Granary Road  25.10.2022 Scheduled as soon as resources become available
ICS2210553 VERGE MAINTENANCE There are some areas of Chittering Road that the trees over hang on the road which can damage the side mirrors roof of bus and glass of the school bus and in some areas i have to move over the double white lines so not to damage the school bus but this is putting students myself and the school bus at risk of a accident. A couple of potholes heading south from the Julimar near Hellene the outback camp that need to be attended too asap. Chittering Road  28.10.2022 Quote requested from contractor, likely to be completed by Feb/March 2023
ICS2210651 VERGE MAINTENANCE Can we trim the trees along Perry Road mainly the first 3km as thats the worst of it but if we could do more that would be great. Perry Road  03.11.2022 Completed 
ICS2210734 VERGE MAINTENANCE Branch hanging over powerline (Western Power notified but they have said it's a Shire issue). Forrest Hills Pde 15.11.2022 Completed 
ICS2210740 SLASHING Verge needs a Heavy Duty Slasher as grass is too thick to cut with a normal mower as creek runs around road in winter and floods large area of verge so it can not be mowed regularly. 75 Peters Rd Muchea 16.11.2022 Scheduled for Jan 2023
ICS228532 VERGE MAINTENANCE Overgrown trees Wells Glover Road. School bus is having issues as well as constituent. Impact west of Dewar Road to Bindoon-Moora.  Wells Glover Road 17.02.2022 Completed 
ICS229994 MAINTENANCE PUBLIC OPEN SPACE Request for shrubs and bushes to be maintained before Fire Season - Brockman Centre. Brockman Centre  18.08.2022 Supervisor in contact with resident 
ICS2210029 COMMUNITY/SENIOR HOUSING Roof leak under folcia out the front of her house is now starting to grow black mould. Reminder 27/09/22. Senior Housing  24.08.2022 Monitoring 
ICS2210732 STREET LIGHTING Report of streetlight not working - midway down Bronzewing Court and corner of Turtledove Drive. Bronzewing Court x Turtledove Drive 15.11.2022 Reported to Western Power 
ICS228523 BUILDING MAINTENANCE Request for handrail on steps leading to donga - Brockman Centre - Bindoon Arts.    Brockman Centre  11.02.2022 Refer to Budget 23/24 
ICS228607 PLAYGROUND REPAIRS /MAINTENANCE Pavements lifted due to roots underneath them needs a fix up. Clune Park  25.02.2022 Monitoring 
ICS2210028 DRAINAGE of blocked drains causing overflow on to road - Kelly St Wannamal  2.request for road to be graded and trees trimmed - Kelly St Wannamal.   Kelly Street  23.08.2022 Scheduled as soon as resources become available
ICS2210134 DRAINAGE Culvert needs to be cleaned out. Moss Road 08.09.2022 Scheduled as soon as resources become available
ICS2210282 SIGNAGE Please move public toilets/transit park signs in SOC car park further south - to the empty bit of garden bed. It is obstructing the licence plate camera onto of the binda place sign. Thanks :) Shire Office  28.09.2022 Completed 
ICS2210515 ROAD MAINTENANCE End of cul-de-sac cut up by vehicles - northern end of Ghost Gum Ridge - Chittering.   Ghost Gum Ridge  22.10.2022 Completed 
ICS2210528 DRAINAGE Drainage issue has caused blowout in bitumen and water health issues drain only to be cleaned and graded so stormwater flow. Morley Road 26.10.2022 Scheduled as soon as resources become available
ICS2210605 DRAINAGE Check drains/culverts for blockages behind Lot 202 Muchea Rd S (the triangular piece of land south of the Muchea Rd S overpass) as runoff from the highway has run down into his property due to the recent weather. He advised there is no risk to safety. The customer wants to know about our findings and the actions we take or have taken to fix this issue. Muchea Road South  02.11.2022 Scheduled as soon as resources become available
ICS229866 SIGNAGE Install four 80km signs along Blue Plains Road.   Blue Plains Road 08.08.2022 Waiting for signs to arrive 
ICS229984 GRADING The road is too muddy to get through now they can't access their property and there is no other route to get in as they are landlocked. Romany Close  18.08.2022 Scheduled for Summer works
ICS228472 BUILDING MAINTENANCE Please install lockbox to external of the building.  Ferguson House  11.02.2022 Completed 
ICS2210599 BUILDING MAINTENANCE Silverchain have requested if we can install a key lock box and get a spare key cut for the Silverchain workers. Could we please install the box out the front of the house please. Senior Housing  01.11.2022 Completed 
ICS2210831 ROAD MAINTENANCE Request for Maddern Road to be graded.  Maddern Road  24.11.2022 Completed 
ICS2210528 DRAINAGE Drainage issue has caused blowout in bitumen and water health issues.  Morley Road 26.10.2022 Completed 
ICS2210858 MAINTENANCE PARKS/OVALS  Please fill in this hole near the playground. Sussex Bend Playground  28.11.2022 Completed 
ICS2210807 VERGE MAINTENANCE Report of fallen tree. Maddern Road  22.11.2022 Completed 
ICS229491 VERGE MAINTENANCE Resident would like some trees planted on the verge. Wells Glover Road  05.07.2022 Supervisor to chat to resident about verge policy.
ICS2210826 DRAINAGE Crossover application. Bottle Brush Place 23.11.2022 Application approved 
ICS2210830 SLASHING  Slash and create firebreak. Behind 6194 Great Northern Highway  24.11.2022 Completed 
ICS2210451 PLUMBING Replace pressure pump. Muchea Oval  18.10.2022 Completed 
ICS2210715 BUILDING MAINTENANCE Temp fencing hire for NYE Rodeo. Mogumber 11.11.2022 Programmed 
ICS228408 BUILDING MAINTENANCE The Post Office requires internal painting. 6180 Great Northern Highway  31.01.2022 Contractor has started works 
ICS229044 PLUMBING Shire static water tank is leaking in several spots. Corella Rd 06.05.2022 Received quote, need to program works
ICS2210814 MAINTENANCE PARKS  Post needs to be put back in its correct position. John Glen Park  22.11.2022 Programmed for Dec 22
ICS2210678 BUILDING MAINTENANCE Gutters need to be cleaned. 21 Binda Place  08.11.2022 Programmed for Dec 22
ICS229344 BUILDING MAINTENANCE Install hard stand outside of roller door. Muchea BFB  28.06.2022 Programmed for Feb 23
ICS2210824 VERGE MAINTENANCE Vegetation debris removal. Nolan Road 23.11.2022 Scheduled as soon as resources become available
ICS2210769 SIGNAGE Horse and Rider signs to be installed. Powderbark RD 18.11.2022 Completed 
ICS2210449 DRAINAGE Drainage to be cleaned. Kelly Street  18.10.22 Scheduled as soon as resources become available
ICS2210866 BUILDING MAINTENANCE New curbing to be done along the tennis courts. Wannamal Hall 29.11.2022 Programmed for Dec 22
ICS2210867 BUILDING MAINTENANCE Storm water extention to shed outside the playground area. Wannamal Hall 29.11.2022 Completed 
ICS2210868 BUILDING MAINTENANCE Fix all power points in the toilets. Wannamal Hall 29.11.2022 Programmed 
ICS2210869 BUILDING MAINTENANCE Install new flood lighting to oval and fire shed. Wannamal Hall 29.11.2022 Programmed for March 23
ICS2210870 BUILDING MAINTENANCE Block off exit to western side of the carpark. Wannamal Hall 29.11.2022 Programmed for Jan/Feb 23
ICS2210999 MAINTENANCE PARKS  Tree Removal.  Clune Park  09.12.2022 Land Care inspecting 
ICS2211000 MAINTENANCE PARKS  Trees below powerlines to be removed. Muchea  09.12.2022 Programmed for Jan 2023
ICS2210872 BUILDING MAINTENANCE Level out ground around tennis hit up area and back of the fire shed. Wannamal Hall 29.11.2022 Programmed for Jan/Feb 23
ICS2210821 PATCHING  Report of contractors causing issues at school bus stop - Wells Glover Road. Wells Glover Road  22.11.2022 Completed 

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