Successful Traineeships at the Shire of Chittering

Published on Thursday, 2 March 2023 at 9:04:00 AM

Recently, two staff members at the Shire of Chittering, Hamish Barrett and Tanika Donaldson, completed their traineeships for Roads and Construction.
Throughout their traineeships, both Hamish and Tanika have proven to be valuable assets to the Shire’s Works Crew.
They have learnt a lot about roads and construction including road construction, road maintenance, levelling, machinery operation, surveying and traffic control.
Both Hamish and Tanika have also been a part of some major road projects of the Shire including Binda Place Car Park, Bottlebrush Place, Chittering Road, Chittering Valley Road, Teatree Road, Wallaroo Drive and Wandena Road.
The Shire of Chittering congratulates both Hamish and Tanika on their successful completion of their traineeships.

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