Scheduled Spraying - Strategic Road Verges

Published on Tuesday, 2 July 2024 at 1:33:19 PM

Please be advised that the Shire of Chittering Bush Fire Mitigation Crew will be supported by a local contractor to conduct weed eradication activities on Chittering Road and Muchea East Road.

A strong emphasis is being placed on our strategic road verges. These are roads in and out of towns/subdivisions which have been identified for fuel reduction to reduce the intensity of bush fires along road verges. 

These roads require weed spraying from boundary fence from boundary fence (capturing the entire verge area) for the entirety of the identified section. Our aim here is to treat noxious weeds and woody weeds to reduce the fuel load within the road verge. This will include manual hand spraying over boom spraying in sensitive areas.  

In 2024 our strategic road verges which will require weed spraying are as below; please note this list of roads will grow over the coming years as DFES funding is utilised to help establish these routes, the Shire will add these roads to their maintenance program the following year.

  1. Chittering Road – Great Northern Highway (Bindoon end) (SLK0.0) to Muchea East Road (SLK20.50) – this equates to 41kms when spraying either side of the verge.
  2. Muchea East Road – Great Northern Highway Muchea end to Chittering Rd near the Lower Chittering Fire station Intersection – this equates to 16 kms when spraying either side of the verge.

Please note that this is not the normal road side verge spraying that is conducted every year by the Shire of Chittering works crew along the roadside shoulders.

We anticipate the work will start early July and continue for two weeks.

If you have any requests not to spray near your fence line or if you need notification on the day of when we will be spraying near your property please email with your name, address and a contact phone number.

Our contractor is more than happy to discuss with you prior to or on the day if you have any issues.

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