Public Notice - Adoption of Local Laws 2023

Published on Thursday, 8 June 2023 at 8:01:44 AM

In accordance with s3.12(6) of the Local Government Act 1995 the Shire of Chittering gives notice that on 19 April 2023 Council has resolved to adopt the following local laws:

Shire of Chittering Cemeteries Local Law 2023

Purpose: To provide for the orderly management of the Bindoon Cemetery in accordance with established plans and to create offences for inappropriate behaviour within the cemetery grounds.

Effect: To ensure compliance by all persons engaged in the administration of the cemetery, burying deceased in the cemeteries, or otherwise providing services to or making use of the cemeteries.


Shire of Chittering Dogs Local Law 2023

Purpose: To make provisions about the impounding of dogs, to control the number of dogs that can be kept on premises and the manner of keeping those dogs and to prescribe areas in which dogs are prohibited and dog exercise areas.

Effect: To extend the controls over dogs which exist under the Dog Act 1976.


Shire of Chittering Keeping and Control of Cats Local Law 2023

Purpose: To provide for the management of cats throughout the Shire of Chittering.

Effect: To promote responsible cat ownership and manage the control of cats within the Shire of Chittering.


Shire of Chittering Local Government Property and Public Places Local Law 2023

Purpose: To provide for the regulation, control and management of activities and facilities on local government and public property within the district, including thoroughfares.

Effect: To provide for the establishment of the requirements with which any persons using or being on local government property and public property within the district, must comply. Some property is set aside for particular uses, some activities are allowed only under a permit or under a determination, and others are restricted or prohibited.


Shire of Chittering Standing Orders Local Law 2023

Purpose: To provide for the conduct of meetings of the Council, Committees and electors.

Effect: To provide for better decision-making. To provide for the orderly and efficient conduct of meetings. To provide for greater community participation and understanding of the business of the Council. To provide for more open and accountable local government.


Copies of the local laws are available for inspection at the:

  • Shire of Chittering, 6177 Great Northern Highway, BINDOON WA 6502


Copies may also be accessed from the Shire of Chittering website:


These local laws were gazetted in the Special Government Gazette, Tuesday 6th June 2023 No.66 and will come into operation on 21st June 2023.


Melinda Prinsloo

Chief Executive Officer

8 June 2023

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