Narrow Leaf Cotton Bush

Published on Monday, 16 May 2022 at 10:24:39 AM

The Narrow Leaf Cotton Bush is a slender short-lived shrub which is one to two metres high. This shrub contains cardiac glycoside which is toxic to humans and livestock.

The bush’s unpalatable taste means it is not normally eaten by livestock however it is known to cause problems such as contaminant of hay or chaff. If contamination occurs symptoms include severe gastroenteritis which shows up as severe congestion of the alimentary canal.

Detecting the Narrow Leaf Cotton Bush is Chittering

This bush is very easy to find when mature and can be found any time of year, but is most conspicuous in Summer & Autumn. It is one to two metres high with drooping clusters of cream / white flowers and puffy air-filled seed pods up to six centimetres long, with soft bristles. All parts of the plant exude milky white sap when damaged. They are usually found in pastures, around creeks/wetlands, roadsides and any area with disturbed soil.

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Narrow Leaf Cotton Bush Control

Photo credit: Department of Agriculture and Food

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