August Ordinary Meeting of Council

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 - 07:00 PM

The following items are listed for Council's consideration:

Development Services

DS01-08/20     Proposal to Close Portion of Learners Way, Bindoon
DS02-08/20     Proposal to Close Portion of Road Reserve Adjoining Lot 505 Chittering Road, Chittering
DS03-08/20     Amendment to Engineering, Construction and Maintenance Policy 7.4 – Road Reserves
DS04-08/20     Initiation of Local Law Review

Technical Services

TS01-08/20     Permission to Engage Outside Consultants

Corporate Services

CS01-08/20     List of Accounts Paid for the Period Ending 31 July 2020
CS02-08/20     Monthly Financial Reports for the Period Ending 31 July 2020

Chief Executive Officer

CEO01-08/20  Disposal of Property:  Lot 104 on Deposited Plan 32137 (RN 509) Gray Road, Bindoon
CEO02-08/20  Submission to State Infrastructure Strategy
CEO03-08/20  New Policy: Elected Members - Notices of Motion
CEO04-08/20  Chittering Health Advisory Group (CHAG)
CEO05-08/20  Chittering Community Recovery Plan – COVID-19
CEO06-08/20  Chittering Community Centre

Motions, of which previous notice has been given

Cr John Curtis: Waste and Recycling