Book-our-space-pinFacility Bookings - Shire managed

Click on the SpacetoCo icon above to make your bookings: 

On 1 July 2022 the Shire transferred Shire managed community facility bookings across to the SpacetoCo Platform.  

 For those clubs or casual hirers who are not using the facility regularly, all bookings for the following community facilities are managed by SpacetoCo as casual hirers. 

  • Bindoon Oval
  • Bindoon Transit Park
  • Ferguson House – Wellness Hub, Bindoon
  • Muchea Hall and Oval, Muchea
  • Sandown Park, Muchea
  • Lower Chittering Hall and oval, Lower Chittering

Should you wish to utilise any of these facilities, either as a representative of your club or as a general hirer yourself, you will need to head to SpacetoCo and search up the facility that you want.   You can do this by clicking on the above SpacetoCo icon OR  you can scan the appropriate QR code below:

 If you are new to SpacetoCo follow these steps to set yourself or your club up on the system. 

N.B.  You will need a credit or debit card to do this. 

 Casual Booking payments:

Here is the basic rundown of how payment for casual bookings works:

 At the time of requesting a new booking or editing an existing booking, SpacetoCo run a check to see if there are enough funds on the Guest's nominated payment card. A booking request will not proceed if there are insufficient funds.

  • If there are enough funds, SpacetoCo place a 'hold' on the Guest card up to the total value of the booking.
  • SpacetoCo then pass the booking through to the Host for approval. The Host has up to 6 days to accept or decline a booking.
  • If the booking request is declined or ignored, SpacetoCo simply release the funds back onto the customer card.
  • If the booking is confirmed by the Host, SpacetoCo capture the required amount from the Guests card (which includes a non-refundable Guest Booking Fee)
  • Payment for the booking is held securely in Stripe and released to the Host following the completion of the booking.
  • SpacetoCo automatically generates receipts following each transaction, which are emailed to the Guest and Host and also can be downloaded from the SpacetoCo dashboard.


Once the booking has been finalised, the Shire receive a notification and will assign any discount codes and/or make any necessary amendments to the charges of the booking, to reflect the type of event that you are having prior to confirming your booking.  For example, the Bindoon Oval is free of charge for Not for Profit - FREE community events.  In the event of a booking coming through for this type of event, we will assign a FREE Event discount code. 


Regular Hire

If you will be utilising the above community facilities on a regular basis please contact and enquire about becoming a Verified Guest (Regular hirer). 

 Problem shooting the system

If you have any issues while you are in the SpacetoCo system you can either click     found at the bottom right hand corner of your screen or at the very bottom of your screen click   for support where you will find almost all your questions answered. 

 Any other queries or concerns with regard to facility bookings, please direct to

 Happy booking!  

The following community facilities can also be found across the Shire of Chittering.

These facilities are managed by external clubs and committees.  For booking enquiries please contact the facility manager directly.  


If you are booking a Shire facility there are a few things that you might need to consider.  More information is available here