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From March 2017 the way that the Shire of Chittering will conduct their Ordinary Council Meetings will change; Agenda Forums will now be held the week prior to Ordinary Council Meetings.

What this means for you

  • Additional time for Councillors to engage with the community on matters of concern relating to the Council Agenda.

  • The public can ask questions on reports at Agenda Forums.

  • Deputations will only be conducted at the Ordinary Council Meeting.

What are Agenda Forums

Agenda Forums are specifically for Agenda items which are to be considered by Council at the next Ordinary Meeting of Council.  They involve Councillors, relevant staff and, where appropriate, external consultants.  Questions from the public on Agenda items only are permitted.

Agenda Forums are not for decision making.  They are to provide the opportunity for Councillors to be equally informed and seek additional information on matters prior to the presentation of such matters to the next Ordinary Meeting of Council for formal consideration and decision.

Agenda Forums will normally be open to the public except for matters of a confidential nature as defined by the Local Government Act 1995.

Public Question Time

At an Agenda Forum you are able to ask questions on matters contained on the Agenda.  At each Forum, 15 minutes is allowed for public question time.

Please note that no debate or discussion of questions and answers can take place at the Forum. 

We encourage you to submit your questions to us before the Forum; this will allow us to prepare a response and provide it to you at the Forum.

Schedule of Agenda Forums and Ordinary Meetings of Council for 2017

To view the documents for the appropriate Agenda Forum please click the Agenda Forum meeting date the Friday prior.

Agenda Forum Ordinary Meeting of Council
Tuesday, 7 March Wednesday, 15 March
Tuesday, 11 April Wednesday, 19 April
Tuesday, 9 May Wednesday, 17 May
Tuesday, 13 June Wednesday, 21 June
Tuesday, 11 July Wednesday, 19 July
Tuesday, 8 August Wednesday, 16 August
Tuesday, 12 September Wednesday, 20 September
Tuesday, 10 October Wednesday, 18 October
Tuesday, 7 November Wednesday, 15 November
Tuesday, 5 December Wednesday, 13 December


Documents available for more information