Teatree Road - Road Reconstruction - 2020/21

Project Update - April 2020

Works on this project commenced in September 2020.

You may notice our team have been in the area recently marking out the site as we arrange the required materials prior to commencing works onsite shortly. We are currently undertaking the design stage of this project. Notice will be given prior to commencement of onsite works. 

Project Overview

This project has been funded by the Federal Blackspot Program. 

The Black Spot Program was introduced as part of the Australian Government's commitment to reduce crashes on Australian roads. It is an Australian Government Road Safety Program to fix dangerous roads by treating road locations where crashes have occurred. The Black Spot Program also recognises that there are road locations that could be considered as 'accidents waiting to happen'. Therefore, some program funds may be used to treat sites where road traffic engineers have completed a Road Safety Audit and found that remedial work is necessary.

Federal Government funded Blackspot projects are funded 100% by the Federal Government. 

This projects involved reinstating the roadside drainage and clearing of trees within the clear zone to ensure a safe road environment. The existing curves on the road will be adjusted and reduced as they have been identified as being unsuitable for the speed limit.