Ridgetop Ramble - Reconstruction - 2020/21

Project overview

These works continued on from the reconstruction works undertaken in 2019/20.

The project took place from the intersection of Woodlands Lane to Sandpiper Mews. 

The existing road surface was coming to the end of its life due to poor pavement. The road pavement was uneven with major rutting. Renewal of the road surface was undertaken by 200mm wet mixing of pavement and laying of a two coat seal. Works also included improving drainage, installing kerbing and a concrete footpath. 

This project was funded by Council as part of our asset preservation program in the 2020/21 Annual Budget.

Works on this project commenced in September 2020. Our team worked onsite in conjunction with other road works within the Shire. We utilised the services of local contractors and our own team to undertake drainage upgrades and install kerbing and footpath. This project was completed in February 2021. 

After Photos:

Before Photos: