Muchea East Road - intersection of Chardonnary Drive to Powderbark Road - Road Upgrade - 2020/21

Project Update - April 2021

Works on this project commenced in January 2021.

We will be undertaking reconstruction and stablisation works onsite from the 20th April 2021. All works will be under traffic management with the possibility of the road being in a changed condition (gravel surface) between the stabilisation works and the new seal being implemented. 

These works will be undertaken in conjunction with other road works within the Shire. Our team may come and go from site over the next few weeks as we work between our different projects. Traffic management will be in place for the duration of these works, please obey warning signage and take care when traveling in the area.

We anticipate these works to be completed in early May 2021.

Project Overview

These works will continue on from the reconstruction works undertaken in 2019/20.

This project involves works from the intersection of Chardonnay Drive to Powderbark Road. The current road has over 2000 vehicles per day. 

The works involve widening the existing road lanes to a 3.5m seal with a 1.0m sealed shoulder resulting in a 9.0m carriageway to ensure road user safety. The intersections of Chardonnay Drive and Powderbark Road will be renewed to ensure traffic can safely enter and exit the intersections. The existing drainage will be reinstated and tree pruning undertaken where required. 

This project has been funded as part of the Regional Road Group Program. The Regional Road Groups are comprised of elected representatives from each Local Government within the road group. These Groups are important in providing Local Government with a voice in how the State Government’s contribution to local roads is spent. Regional Road Group members serve a vital and valuable role in ensuring that road funding decisions maximise community benefits and preserve and improve the road system across Western Australia. There are 10 Regional Road Groups (RRG) in WA, and Sub-Groups within those RRG, which are established under the State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement which is overseen by a State Advisory Committee (SAC). The Shire of Chittering is part of the Moora Sub-group. This subgoup also consists of the Shire of Gingin, the Shire of Wongan -Ballidu, the Shire of Dandaragan, the Shire of Moora, the Shire of Dalwallinu and the Shire of Victoria Plains.  The Sub-Group was allocated $3,474,497, the maximum funding a Shire can receive is 20% with the minimum 5%. The Shire of Chittering received 12% ($420,853). 

Regional Road Group projects are funded ⅔ by the State Government and ⅓ by the Local Government.