Mooliabeenee Road / Crest Hill Rd - Intersection Upgrade - 2020/21

Project Overview

This project was funded by the State Blackspot Program. 

The Black Spot Program was introduced as part of the Australian Government's commitment to reduce crashes on Australian roads. It is an Australian Government Road Safety Program to fix dangerous roads by treating road locations where crashes have occurred. The Black Spot Program also recognises that there are road locations that could be considered as 'accidents waiting to happen'. Therefore, some program funds may be used to treat sites where road traffic engineers have completed a Road Safety Audit and found that remedial work is necessary.

State Government funded Blackspot projects are funded ⅔ by the State Government and ⅓ by the Local Government. 

This project involved the realignment of the intersection geometry to improve the sight distances and therefore make the intersection safer for road users. 

Works on this project commenced in September 2020. Our team worked with local contractors to improve the site distance and drainage at this intersection. The final seal was then laid and signage reinstated. This project was completed in early November 2020. 

After Photos: 

During construction photos: