Davis Road - Floodway upgrade - 2020/21

Project Overview

The floodway crossing over the Brockman River on Davis Road was in need of substantial repair works. Council allocated funds in the 2020/21 Annual Budget to undertake the required works to ensure the crossing remained safe for all users. 

Works onsite commenced in January 2021. These works involved removal of the existing culverts and replacement with new culverts and concrete aprons. The floodway was then sealed with asphalt to preserve the road surface.

These works were undertaken by our team with the assistance of local contractors. The project involved creating a temporary bypass to ensure traffic movements were not disrupted for the duration of the works. The early rains proved a challenge for our team as the water level began to rise in their work zone near completion of the concrete works. Thankfully a few dry weeks allowed us to complete the project on schedule. The below photos show the work involved in installing the new culvert crossing. Works were completed in May 2021. 

This project was funded by the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program (LRCI). On 22 May 2020 the Australian Government announced a new $500 million Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program (LRCI Program). This program supports local councils to deliver priority local road and community infrastructure projects across Australia, supporting jobs and the resilience of local economies to help communities bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Funding allocations for the LRCI Program have been calculated in a similar way to how the Roads to Recovery Program and the road component of the Financial Assistance Grants works. This formula takes into consideration road length and population and is based on recommendations of Local Government Grants Commissions.

Before Photos: