Clune Park to Brockman Centre Transport Trail Connection

Project Update

Works on this project will commence in September 2020. 

You may notice our team have been in the area recently marking out the site as we arrange the required plans, approvals and materials prior to commencing works onsite shortly. 

Project Overview

The Clune Park to Brockman Centre Connection Trail development proposes to bring a 8km family friendly touring style cycling trail to Bindoon. The need for this development was identified in  2016 in the Chittering Mountain Bike Master Plan.

The trail presents an opportunity as a dual use, double headed trail, with sealed road access and parking available at both ends, along with providing access to a choice of strategic destinations such as the Brockman Centre (Bindoon's cultural and tourist hub), Bindoon town site (Shops, café, post office, tourist centre), Bindoon Primary School, Sporting facilities and Bindoon’s Residential Estates. The start and end points of this trail already have well established recreational areas and existing facilities for users.

The Shire of Chittering is looking to increase cycling within in its community by providing safe alternative cycling routes around our towns. Currently there is no safe link between Clune Park/Bindoon Townsite and the Brockman Centre. Cyclists are to use the Great Northern Highway or Spice Road, neither which have cycle lanes or footpaths. By constructing a dedicated cycling trail, we feel residents will utilize this network and be protected from road traffic.

The Clune to Brockman Centre trail is not only a beneficial strategic community link, but will provide a fantastic tourism opportunity for visitors to the region. The Trail will provide year round access to the Lake Chittering Reserve and ties into our future proposal for a Mountain Bike Trail in Bindoon. 

This project will be constructed in three stages over the next three years. Funding has been secured for stages 1 & 2 of this trail from the Department of Transport WA Bicycle Network Grant Program. An application has been submitted for stage 3 of this program for the 2022-23 program.

The WA Bicycle Network Grant Program is an initiative of the Western Australian State Government, administered by the Department of Transport. The WABN grants program is one of the key actions detailed in the Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan 2014-2031 which sets out a framework for the provision of a safe and sustainable cycling network across WA. For more information visit the WA Bicycle Network program page. This funding is available to local government authorities in WA, for up to 50 per cent of the total project cost, for the design and implementation of bicycle network infrastructure and programs in accordance with State Government priorities set out in the WABN Plan. In January 2020, DoT awarded more than $7.6 million in WABN grant funding to 63 projects across 45 metropolitan and regional local governments.

Stage 1 of this project will involve a concrete footpath from Clune Park to to the start point of the existing Stonehouse Trail on Clune Road. The existing trail will then be utilised for the first section of the trail with the surface being upgraded to a stabilised gravel surface. The trail will then deviate from the existing track and follow the edge of the lake to take the trail further into the bushland and away from residential properties. The trail will then rejoin the existing stonehouse trail for the final section. Major drainage works will be undertaken to improve the winter flooding. 

Stage 2 of this project will take place during the 2021/22 financial year. These works will involve the construction of a stabilised gravel path from the end of stage 1, down Spice Road to the intersection of the Great Northern Highway. 

Stage 3 of this project is the final section which involves utilising the elevated shoulder of the highway to access the Brockman Centre on Teatree Road. 

Strategically placed seating is planned for along the route  to allow users to rest and enjoy the scenery.  Interpretive signage to educate the users of our native flora and fauna will be placed along the trail along with warning signage at road crossings and trail markers. 

Starting Location - Clune Park 

Finishing Location - Brockman Centre

Before Photos: