Chittering Valley Road Bridge - BN4868 - Reconstruction - 2020/21

Project update - October 2020

The design stage of this project is currently underway. Our Technical Services Team is currently liaising with the required contractors to undergo site investigations and design works to enable this project to run smoothly. 

A traffic management plan is being developed to best manage the road closure. Sufficient public notice will be given prior to the commencement of onsite works and road closures. Whilst we understand the road closure will be inconvenient, there is no safe alternative to undertake these necessary works. 

Project Overview

The Bridge on Chittering Valley Road near the intersection of Chittering Road is at the end of its life and due for replacement. This bridge is bridge number 4868. 

These works will involve the removal of the existing bridge and replacement with two 900mm culverts. 

This project has been 100% funded by Main Roads Western Australia as the existing bridge is at the end of its life.