Brockman Centre - Insulation of Bindoon Museum

Project Overview

During 2019-20 the Brockman Centre user group identified that the current conditions within in the Museum over summer were very uncomfortable for their volunteers and visitors. They requested that Council consider the installation of insulation to the roof of the Museum to help ease the summer heat within the building. Council accepted this proposal and included the funds in the 2020-21 Annual Budget to undertake these works. 

The museum building is a commercial size shed, displaying historic equipment and is manned by volunteers all year round. Roof ventilators had previously been installed to help release and move the hot air out of the roof space. Unfortunately further improvement was required. 

This project commenced in December 2020. Works involved assistance from the volunteer group to move the historic equipment within the museum to allow for a elevated work platform to move around the building to reach the roof space. The installation of the insulation was undertaken by a local contractor and completed in February 2021.