Aquila Reserve - Solid Shade Structure

Project Overview

Currently our parks have shade sails over the existing play equipment. Shade sails are prone to damage and have a limited life period before they require replacement. As a part of our asset preservation program we have identified the need to remove the shade sails from our parks and replace them with a solid roof structure. These solid roof structures provide a more protected environment from weather elements for both the playground users and the playground equipment. These structure also provide a long term cost saving due to their long life expectancy and minimal ongoing maintenance.

The play equipment at Aquila Reserve was deteriorating much faster than our covered play equipment due to having no shade structure installed when the play ground was constructed in 2017. 

Works on this project commenced in August 2020. 

Our team fenced off the playground for the duration of the works, while local contractors undertook the construction of the shelter. 

Our team then undertook a site clean up in early November. This included having the playground soft fall professionally repaired to ensure it was safe to reopen for use. 

The Temporary fencing was then removed and the playground reopened to the public in late November. 

We hope that this structure provides a more comfortable area for users of the play equipment along with extending the life of the equipment. 

Completed Photos:

During Construction Photos:

Before Photo: