Travelling, Camping, Bushwalking

If you are travelling or staying near bushland, fire is a real risk to you. Be aware of your surroundings and carry a printed map of the areas you are visiting.

Plan your trip ahead by checking the weather forecasts and Fire Danger Ratings for the areas you are planning to visit.

Pack an emergency kit to take with you including important items such as woollen blankets, drinking water and protective clothing.

Please be advised that due to seasonal conditions, the Restricted Burning Period for the Shire of Chittering has been extended for fourteen (14) days from midnight on the 31 May 2018 until midnight on the 14 June 2018 inclusive.

What to do if you encounter a bushfire while travelling, camping or walking near bushland?

Travelling by car

  • Slow down as there could be people, vehicles and livestock on the road
  • Turn your car headlights and hazard lights on
  • Close the windows and outside vents
  • If you can’t see clearly, pull over and park away from vegetation
  • Turn your engine off
  • Stay inside your car, it offers the best level of protection from the radiant heat as the fire front passes
  • Lie on the floor and cover your body with any available woollen or cotton blankets or cloth

Travelling on foot

  • Do not panic
  • Move to clear or already burnt ground
  • Do not try to run uphill
  • Stay low and seek shelter behind a log, rocky outcrop or embankment to protect yourself from radiant heat
  • If your clothes catch fire, don't run. Stop, drop, cover your face and roll over and over to extinguish the flames

Camping near bushland

  • Always check the weather conditions for your camping area
  • Find out what bushfire safety plans are in place in the area where you are camping
  • Ask for information on alternative routes to leave the area
  • If a fire occurs you should always take advise from emergency services personnel

Important Information

Find the local ABC radio frequency in the area you are travelling through. In a major emergency, when lives and property are at risk, ABC radio will issue broadcast warnings at a quarter to and a quarter past the hour. Main Roads provides updated information on road closures throughout Western Australia. Call 138 138 or

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