Bushfire Survival Plan

Develop and practice your Bushfire Survival Plan

It Could Save Your Life

If you live in or near bush, fire is a real risk to you and your family.

Preparing yourself, your family and your home is your responsibility.

A Bushfire Survival Plan will help you take action and avoid making last minute decisions that could prove deadly during a bushfire.

Develop a Plan

  • When developing your plan, decide if you will leave for a safer place, which may be to relocate to family or friends, or stay to actively defend your home
  • If you live alone you may like to form a plan with a neighbour
  • Make sure you put your plan in writing, give everybody their own tasks and have a list of actions to take if there is a bushfire
  • Keep it in an easy to find place and make sure everyone knows where it is

Practice Your plan

  • Once you have developed your plan, practice it with your family or neighbours
  • Review it every year

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