Prepare Your Home

If you live in or near a bushland area, bushfire is a real risk to you and your family.

Bushfires happen every summer, they can start suddenly and often without warning. People have been killed or seriously injured and homes are destroyed during bushfires.

Before summer starts you need to decide what you will do if a bushfire threatens. If you live or work in a bushland area you need to prepare your home, family or business and have a plan so you can act to make sure you survive.

Whether you choose to leave for a safer place, which may be to relocate to family or friends, or choose to take shelter in a well prepared and defendable home, preparation is the key to survival.

Preparing yourself, your family and your home is your responsibility. You need to understand the risk to your family and home so you can make decisions now on what you will do if a bushfire starts.

Firefighters are preparing for the bushfire season and will do everything they can to make your community safe. Many firefighters are volunteers and take time away from their families and homes during bushfires. You need to help them by developing your own bushfire survival plan and preparing Your Home to make it as safe as possible.

For further information visit the DFES website.

The following documents have been prepared by DFES to assist you in preparing for a bush fire.

Survival Checklist

Preparing Your Property Checklist

How to Actively Defend Your Property?

Leaving for a Safer Place

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