Burning and Fires

Firebreak & Hazard Reduction Notice 2019/20

As per the Department of Fire and Emergency Services mapping, the entirety of the Shire of Chittering is listed a bush fire prone area. We have three designated periods each year which determine what fire-related activities can be conducted in the 'open air'.

The dates indicated below for each season may be adjusted depending on seasonal changes which is at the discretion of the Shire's Community Emergency Services Manager and are advertised as soon as they are announced. Certain forms of burning may be restricted at times where they may normally be allowed, it's best to ask the Shire or a Fire Control Officer in your area before you burn anything.

Burning is prohibited on any day when:
  • The fire danger index reaches VERY HIGH, SEVERE, EXTREME or CATASTROPHIC
  • Total Fire Ban has been declared

Burning Season Updates

Slashing Long Grass in Hot Conditions
Posted December 9, 2019 Slashing Long Grass in Hot Conditions

Prohibited Burning Time commencing 1 December 2019
Posted November 26, 2019 Prohibited Burning Time commencing 1 December 2019

Restricted Burning Time commencing 1 October 2019
Posted September 26, 2019 Restricted Burning Time commencing 1 October 2019

Changes to the Firebreak Notice
Posted September 10, 2019 Changes to the Firebreak Notice

Unrestricted Burning Time
Posted June 17, 2019 Unrestricted Burning Time

The Shire of Chittering is now in "UNRESTRICTED BURNING TIME"

Restricted Burning Time
Posted April 12, 2019 Restricted Burning Time

Due to seasonal conditions, a very limited Restricted Burning Period has commenced.



Restricted Burning Period

1 October - 30 November each year // 1 April - 31 May each year (dates may be adjusted for seasonal change)

List of Fire Control Officers - Shire of Chittering

  • No burning on Sundays and Public Holidays
  • Burning permits can be obtained from your local Fire Control Officer.
  • No lighting of camp fires
  • Solid fuel BBQs and wood fired pizza ovens may be used under strict conditions 

Prohibited Burning Period

1 December - 31 March each year (dates may be adjusted for seasonal change)

  • All forms of burning or uncontrolled flame in the 'open air' are strictly prohibited ('open air' means any open place, yard, field or construction area which is not enclosed by a building or structure)
  • No lighting of camp fires, solid fuel BBQs, and wood fired pizza ovens or any uncontrolled flame in the open air in the Shire of Chittering 

Harvest, Hot Works & Vehicle Movement Bans

Harvest, Hot Works & Vehicle Movement (HHWVM) bans are declared by the Shire of Chittering in accordance with section 24(c) of the Bush Fires Act 1954. HHWVM Bans are communicated to residents and ratepayers on this website, via SMS and on Facebook.

Activities not permitted during the Period of a Ban
  • Harvesting operations are not permitted.

  • Any “hot works” (e.g. welding, grinding, cutting, heating etc) in the “open air” are not permitted, (note—these activities are not permitted during the term of any Total Fire Ban).

  • Other –use or operation of any engine, vehicle, plant, equipment or machinery in the area likely to cause a bush fire or contribute to the spread of a bush fire.

Activities permitted during the Period of a Ban
  • Movement of vehicles on “gazetted roads” (as described in Bush Fires Regulations 1954 r. 24A(1) and Road Traffic Act 1974 s. 5.1).

  • Movement of vehicles on a lane, driveway, yard or other area that provides access to, or a parking facility at, any residential, farming or business premises, if the area has been sufficiently cleared of flammable material to prevent the escape of fire.

  • Use or operation of a vehicle if it is for the prevention of an immediate and serious risk to the health or safety of a person or livestock, and only if all reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent the activity from creating a bush fire danger.

  • Use or operations of vehicles and undertaking of “hot works” by those persons holding a current Exemption under Bush Fires Act 1954 s. 22C (exemption from Total Fire Bans)

Total Fire Bans

Total Fire Bans are declared by the Department of Fire & Emergency Services

To check for current Total Fire Bans in WA click the link below:

Current Total Fire Bans