Emergency Services

Planning ahead can prevent and minimise loss to human life, wildlife, the environment and property.  The Shire of Chittering has plans in place to safeguard our community and your welfare.

Local Emergency Management Arrangements

Under the Emergency Management Act 2005, local governments are to ensure that "Arrangements" for emergency management in the district are prepared.  The local emergency management arrangements are to include a "recovery plan". The Shire of Chittering Local Emergency Management Arrangements have been endorsed by the State Emergency Management Committee Secretariat.

To download a copy of the Shire's Local Emergency Management Arrangements please visit the publications area of the website.

Local Emergency Management Committee

The LEMC deals with emergency management within the areas/suburbs contained within the Shire.

The LEMC brings together key stakeholders in emergency management within its boundaries to plan and prepare for emergency management incidents and to meet the requirements of relevant legislation, policy statements and other emergency management related standards. The LEMC conducts planning and encourages information exchange on emergency management issues and hazards and is not an operational group.

The LEMC will work towards:

  • preparing and marinating the Local Emergency Management Arrangements for use as the main coordinating tool for the response to, and to assist the community to recover from emergency incidents in the area;
  • promoting community awareness about emergency management issues and the community's role in preparing for emergencies in the area;
  • maintaining a forum for cooperation between Local Emergency Coordinators, Hazard Management Agencies, Combat Agencies, Support Agencies, local governments and other relevant stakeholders on emergency management in the area, and testing of Local Emergency Management Arrangements in partnership with significant facilities and relevant organisations in the area.

Local Recovery Coordination Committee

Recovery is the process by which an affected community is assisted in regaining a proper level of functioning following a disaster.  It comprises initial recovery, which satisfies personal and community needs and restores services to the level where local government and the normal responsible agencies can manage the continuing process.  It also includes long term recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation measures.  The Shire of Chittering have developed a Local Recovery Coordination Committee to plan and prepare for the recovery after emergency management incidents.

The objectives of the Plan are to:

  • ensure effective and coordinated management of recovery within the Shire of Chittering;
  • ensure that the Plan complies with State Emergency Management Arrangements;
  • identify the roles and responsibilities of HMAs, emergency services, support organisations and Shire of Chittering staff whilst promoting effective liaison between all organisations; and
  • ensure a coordinated approach to public education in relation to emergencies within the Shire of Chittering.


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