Using Bee Smoker Devices in Prescribed Burning Times

Published on Tuesday, 7 January 2020 at 1:09:36 PM

The keeping of bees is a common activity in the Shire of Chittering. T he operation of a bee smoker is a primary part of honey production. Operating bee smoker devices in the open air is likely to cause bush fires. A bee smoker device uses a flame internally to combust material to create smoke. During the combustion process, the device also has the potential to expel embers or sparks, adding to the risk of causing a fire. People who want to use one should be aware and adhere to certain conditions.

During prescribed periods (that's the Restricted and Prohibited burning times), you may only use a bee smoker device if:

  • You have at least one fire extinguisher provided in the place that the device is to be operated
  • The ground within three metres from the place that the device is to be operated is;
    • Sufficiently cleared of flammable material; or
    • Sufficiently dampened down with water to prevent the escape of fire.

Further to this, the person operating the bee smoker device shall:

  • Place the device in a fire resistant container when it is alight but not being held by the person; and
  • Extinguish the fire in the device on completion of its operation.

Given the risk that's associated with using a flame (even when it's inside a device) during a prescribed period, there are penalties for not adhering to these conditions. If you are ever unsure, you can call and speak to a Ranger or our Bushfire Risk Officer on 9576 4600 or email

Click here to read more in the Bush Fire Regulations 1954 (specifically, regulation 39CA).

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