Restricted Burning Time

Published on Friday, 12 April 2019 at 12:54:11 PM


Shire of Chittering


Autumn 2019

Please be advised that pursuant to Section 24G of the Bush Fires Act 1954, the burning of garden refuse, including a 1 cubic meter pile after 6pm, remains a prohibited activity within the Shire of Chittering until further notice.

Pursuant to Section 18 of the Bush Fires Act 1954, the Autumn Restricted Burning Time for the Shire of Chittering will commence at 18:00 hours on Wednesday 10 April 2019, for the purpose of broad acre agricultural burning only.

A permit to burn is required: an application for a Permit To Burn may be made with your local Shire of Chittering Fire Control Officer. Contact numbers are on the back page of the Shire of Chittering Firebreak and Bushfire Hazard Reduction Notice that is available on the Shire of Chittering website.

Please note: Fire Control Officer are volunteers, are not obliged to issue permits, and may refuse to do so. Where a Permit To Burn has been refused by a Fire Control Officer, it is an offence under the act to request a permit from another Fire Control Officer.

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