Important Information for Food Businesses Intending to Re-open

Published on Tuesday, 19 May 2020 at 12:04:18 PM

The WA Government has implemented a staged lifting of COVID-19 restrictions based on the advice of the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and the WA Department of Health.

To facilitate the process, the government has developed mandatory conditions for the re-opening of Food Businesses, or where Food businesses are expanding beyond takeaway only. These conditions apply to Food businesses including: Cafes, Restaurants, Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Roadhouses and Taverns. These guidelines come into effect from 18 May 2020.

The requirements for the safe operation of food businesses are outlined below:

  • Maintain a strict limit of a minimum of four square metres (4sqm) per person.
  • Ensure a maximum of 20 dine-in patrons per venue (excluding staff).
  • Maintain hygiene and frequent cleaning.
  • Self-complete a COVID Safety Plan prior to re-opening (or expanding beyond ‘takeaway only’), and display a COVID Safety Plan Certificate.
  • Ensure staff have completed the AHA Hospitality & Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course before returning to work.
  • Maintain attendance records of patrons for the purposes of contact tracing (not including takeaway services).
  • Carefully manage waiting areas to ensure social distancing.
  • Only serve alcohol ancillary to a meal.
  • Ensure alcohol is only consumed at a table (not counter service, or bar service).

The purpose of the COVID Safety Plan is to help ensure that businesses actively mitigate the risks of COVID-19 in line with the best available health advice. In the plan, you will need to explain how your business will take steps to implement the requirements and advice set out in the guidelines.

Prior to re-opening, you are required to self-complete a COVID Safety Plan for your Food Business and have it available for inspection upon request by an Authorised Officer.

Further details can be seen at: or contact the Shire’s Environmental Health Service on 9576 4614.

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