Community Development Review Update

Published: Thursday, 25 June 2020 at 12:24:47 PM

Community Development in 2020/2021

What we’ve been doing in 2020 so far……..

As an endeavor to identify both problems and successes, and create a more focused plan, the Community Development Team - Lisa and Alison, recently undertook a review of our current services.

Feedback was attained through conversations with, and between community members, and a range of target groups.  Throughout the consultation, a common thread became apparent, no matter the audience….Community Development is valued and our community wants to feel connected - to their neighbours, their locality, and the rest of Chittering.

The service area priorities identified, were physical things like facilities, services, and events, however in most cases, the response was based on a desire for connection and inclusion.  Facilities created spaces for people to come together, services created opportunities for conversations and support, and events offered a chance to meet new people, or connect with family and friends. 

The COVID-19 crisis, has further consolidated the idea that connection is vital to the members of our community.  Volunteers have stepped forward to help support those who are isolated or vulnerable, new services and systems have been created to help those same vulnerable people, and our community is finding new and creative ways to stay in touch with family and friends.

What we hope for 2020/2021…….

For the next few months we will be consolidating our current plans, to provide a clearer direction, but more importantly, an open and interactive action plan for Community Development in Chittering.  

We hope to work with, and in our community to strengthen relationships and connections, aiming to investigate further what you feel would be success factors for each of the identified priority areas.  

To do this we will be scaling back our usual events and services and in their place, collaborating on smaller targeted explorations in our localised communities.  

While continuing with projects governed by Council policies, we will be seeking your input on how you as individuals, groups, and communities, can contribute to connection through the following priority areas: 

  • Activated Community Spaces
  • Community Events
  • Children and Youth                                                                
  • Seniors and Ageing

 We will be out in the community, and really want to talk with you, learn more about what is important to you, and find new and exciting ways for us to work together to achieve a shared vision. 

So get your mojo flowing, kick your innovative brains in to gear, and be prepared to bring a “share plate” to the local park or street corner, meet us for a game of footy or cricket at your local oval,  join us for an online chat and a cuppa in your loungeroom, or invite us to just hang out where you are.

See you soon!


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