Changes to the Firebreak Notice

Published on Tuesday, 10 September 2019 at 3:54:58 PM

In recent years, the Shire of Chittering has been experiencing changing weather patterns. There has been an increase in warmer, drier weather and a subsequent increase in the potential for out of control fires to occur.  The Shire has had to evaluate conditions and undertake changes in an effort to reduce the bushfire risk to the community.

As a result, the ability to burn small one square metre piles will now only be possible under permit during the restricted burning time.  Our local volunteer fire brigades do an excellent job protecting us from fires and this change will enable our Fire Control Officers to have better visibility over the fires occurring in their respective jurisdictions, as well as being able to place conditions on permits in accordance with specific weather conditions.  This is particularly important when we have little rain in Autumn like this year, and conditions remain tinder-dry into winter.

Farmers in our northern localities need to carry out stubble burning as part of their farming practices and extending the prohibited season places pressure on their livelihoods.   

Whilst we appreciate that this new system will mean obtaining a permit, or preferably waiting until the season is open to burn piles of garden refuse, we hope that residents in Chittering understand our desire to protect the community and reduce pressure on our volunteer firefighters. 

Click here to view the Firebreak & Bushfire Hazard Reduction Notice for 2019/20

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